My Favorite’s

My most favorite season is Summer, because we have no school, it’s warm, I can go swimming, and I get to see my cousins. My second most favorite season is winter because of snow, winter break the food and opening presents. My third favorite season is fall and my forth is spring.

My Most favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to open up presents and get new things. My favorite things about Christmas is the presents and food. And My favorite colors are dark navy blue, black, and dark green. My most favorite color is dark navy blue.

My most favorite sport is soccer because I really like passing, shooting, and dribbling. And you might say you also do this in basketball but I like to use my feet. My favorite movie is Holes and my favorite movie series is Star Wars. My most favorite book series is Magic Tree House and my most favorite book is Holes.

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U.S. Christmas


My 20% Project

   My most major accomplishment I’m working on is the video and the script for the video. I am using a green screen so I need to figure out how to use a green screen. Oh, I’m also new to using a video camera and I will need a microphone for my voice. I know how green screens work. I just don’t know how to work it. So, I need to know how to work the green screen, use a video camera and use a microphone all at the same time.

   My last major goal is to finish my script. I feel like I can do this and able to accomplish this. I also want to learn how to use the green screen before December is over. I want the draft script to be finished, I want to learn the simple things to the green screen, I test out the green screen so I know how to work it better before December is over. So, I want to finish all this before December is over.

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How Christmas is Celebrated

In the U.S. many people in the United States celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. The day celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth. It is often combined with customs from pre-christian winter celebrations. Many people erect Christmas trees, decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts. People/Families who are not christian’s sometimes just visit their family just to see them, and they open presents just to open them and get stuff. But most are christian’s. Candy Cane Lane Pedro Szekely via Compfight

In Japan Christmas in known as more of a time to spread happiness rather than a religious celebration.Christmas Eve is often celebrated more than Christmas Day. Christmas eve is thought of as a romantic day, in which couples spend together and exchange presents. Fried chicken is often eaten on Christmas day. Tokyo Skytree and Christmas lightsCreative Commons License Manish Prabhune via Compfight

In Germany Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24. It is the last day of Advent and the start of the Christmas season. Many people spend the afternoon and evening decorating Christmas trees, attending church services, eating traditional dishes and opening Christmas presents. Robert Emmerich - 09 OoF The Christmas tree out of focus in Berlin - Germany Robert Emmerich via Compfight

My information –

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My School Day

So my routine is, I wake up; then take a shower; after that I would get dressed and put my shoes on; then after that I would brush brush my teeth; Finally I would eat something then get my school stuff and leave. I wake up at 6:30 and get home from school at 3:00. The normal number of lessons in school each day is 4.  We normally have 6 breaks in a day including locker breaks, taking our chrome books back to charge, and lunch.

In our school year we have 175 school days and 3 seasons witch our fall, spring and winter. We change classes every term, which we have 4 terms. We don’t change are core classes every term, which are core classes are Social Studies, Math, PBL(Project Base Learning), Science, ElA(English Language Arts. We have free time 6 times including lunch and locker breaks. We also have 7 periods.


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My 20% Project

So my 20% Project is where me and my friend take 20% of our school year about the project we choose to do. So our project is we want to people to be themselves, and not follow/try to be someone on social media.

I am feeling three feelings about this project, I am felling nervous, happy, and exited. I am felling nervous because I don’t want to fail the project and not change anyone’s life. I am feeling happy too because I think I can accomplish this, to change someones life and have someone be different. I’m also feeling exited because if impact someones life really hard then I will be very exited, another reason is just to do the project.

These are our goals. My 2 major goals is the video and posters which I will talk more about it. My first goal I will talk about is the posters. We started our posters last Friday. I am not sure when we want them finished yet, because we don’t know all that we want on it. So now the video(s). So we are going to start the videos sometime is January pretty sure. This is our ending goal, so our ending goal is to get at least 5-10 videos and have 15-35 people change and be themselves than following someone or trying to be someone else but they can’t do that because their not them.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

A Spooky Scary Halloween

My story is about a weird/really scary Halloween. The 3 Characters are me(Matthew) my friend Even and my other friend Caleb. The Forest in the story, there is a creek in it. It happened when we were trick’er treating. Okay now time for the story.

One day after school me and my friends did our home work then started playing out-side. When we were out-side we heard a really weird noise from my woods, first time we thought it was a branch that fell. Second time it happened/we heard it was more clear and we thought someone was there so we ran in-side.

After we ran in-side my mom said get you’r costumes on it’s time to go trick’er treating. So we got them on, and then waited at the door for my mom to tell us to go. 20 minutes later, they heard something in the woods again behind someones house. So they went to explore.

When they went into the forest they thought they saw something across the creek move behind a thick tree. So then they thought it was just a bird so as they were walking out of the creek they heard something behind them so they go and look over into where the water would be in the creek.

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What do you think they saw?

What do you think they did after they saw It?

The reason why I picked my avatar on how it is now

The first reason is why I pick the soccer ball. The reason I picked the soccer ball is because I really like soccer and because I play soccer. The second reason is the hair. The reason why I pick the hair on how it looks because that’s the closest thing to my hair on how I like it. The Third reason is why I picked the shirt on how it is. The reason I picked the shirt like that is because that is the shirt I practice with for soccer. I also created my avatar on Face Your Manga. So that is why I Picked the stuff on my avatar and what I created it on.

My Passion

DREAMS OF SCORING akahawkeyefan via Compfight

I am Passion about soccer. I am passion about soccer because I think it’s fun and I am competitive. Soccer is fun to me because I like shooting and passing. Another reason why soccer is fun to me. It is fun to me because I like running, dribbling and I just really like it.

I also play soccer so I have a sport to play. Another reason I play soccer is so I go out-side more often. And I do not play select yet. Select is a more advanced team that travel’s. I also want to play soccer cause my brother plays it and I just like it  anyways.